Throughout the centuries, Croatia and a multitude of its cities, such as Vukovar have housed many amazing and talented artists. These extraordinary performers, who created marvelous artwork out of materials such as marble, stone, wood, bronze, ceramic and glass, or who drew and painted many masterpieces, donated huge amounts of their handiwork to the public. Today, these award-winning creations can still be viewed in galleries, and museums, or are displayed in exhibitions, ateliers and community parks.
Creative art forms are often divided into specific categories, and usually relate to the technique or medium used to create the work. These categories can be classified as decorative art, fine art, plastic art, performing art, and literature.  Decorative art traditionally stands for ornamental and functional works made in textile, glass, metal or ceramic. This division also includes furniture, architecture and interior design. Fine art, on the other hand, is defined by aesthetics rather than utility, and includes paintings, drawings, photography, and large-size sculptures. Plastic arts are the visual art forms that involve the use of materials such as clay or plaster, which can be molded or modified in some way, sometimes even as three dimensional objects. Artist who dedicate their life to the performing arts use their body, face and presence as their medium, and can be located in the world of theater, dance, music, opera, or the circus. Last, but not least is the art of the written word, also known as literature.
It is not unusual that expressive and talented artists belong to more than one art division. These are creators that just have to communicate their imagination, feelings and thoughts any way they can.

Something about book art

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Impact of art on human health

The impact of art on human health has amazed doctors and therapists for years, and continues to impress specialists. Usually art is prescribed as a method to help cure certain conditions, aide in mental health and social health, and motivate individuals to express their creativity.

A large factor that plays a role on the impact of art on human health is how well someone can channel their emotions into art. An individual with vocal communication problems will be able to easily create amazing art that gets their point across, but without words. There are many studies and reports that have shown the benefits of using art as a therapy for conditions that are hard to manage.

Art works so well for human health, because it allows you to be alone with yourself, yet connected at the same time. You will be able to experience a greater sense of closeness, as well as open doors to things that may bother you or hinder you in your daily life. Those that frequently participate in artistic actions are likely to experience positive changes in their life, and know more about themselves.

The impact of art on the human health is also very relevant to children and the health of a child. Children have difficulty expressing their emotion and thoughts, so art can easily allow them to communicate in times of need. In addition to basic mental health stimulation, art can change a child’s life by allowing them to simply be themselves. Stimulating the creative mind can provide a child with sharper comprehension abilities in the future.

The overall impact of art on human health can be impressive and intriguing. It does more than stimulate positive mental health, it also motivates and encourages communication and physical activity for all age groups.